What should be done to become "Rich"? Best manage tips must read & Share

Have you ever argued with your spouse about money? Or have you been with a family member or friend?
Generally we do not talk about money: because it may seem strange to the front or look bad. But every time money matters can not be ignored. And when there is a debate about money, its end is very bad.

According to a recent survey in the UK, due to the disputes arising due to money, the biggest relationship broke. (These surveys were done by Charity Relate, Relationships Scotland and Marriage Care), before this was also reported in the survey conducted by the National Office of Statistics.

And this does not only affect the relationship of husband-wife, but it is also a common cause of rift between family and friends.

Whether you are expensive or saving money, it depends on the experience of your early life or the environment of the house, that is, these habits are made from childhood.
But this does not mean that you will be just like your parents in this case. Sometimes it can happen that you saw the money stagnation in childhood but later you became very expensive - because now you have money and now you want to live a good life.

And you seem to spend a lot.

For some people, money is a way to make life safe, so for some people it is a freedom. While this may be the way to show love for somebody and for some it may be a strength and a feeling of the state.
Therefore our relationship with money is very intriguing and deep. And when we meet people whose thinking about money is different from us, there is a possibility of misunderstanding and tension between them.

Maybe you spend money very carefully, but your partner makes a lot of difference in new clothes and party. Then they may feel that you should stop this skimp and sometimes you should spend on some things.

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